Savo Consortium for Education (Savon koulutuskuntayhtymä, SAKKY) is a municipal multi-disciplinary provider of education in Eastern Finland. The number of full-time students in initial VET amounts to 5800. SAKKY provides also adult education for Further and Specialist Vocational Qualifications and Apprenticeship Training.

SAKKY has experience of national and international projects as administrator, coordinator and as a partner (Leonardo pilot projects, TOI projects, mobility projects, projects funded partly by the ESF, ERDG, etc.).

SAKKY has a long tradition of close cooperation with companies and aims to develop better and better practices for VET through partnerships with working life and to broaden cross-curricular cooperation in the upper secondary level education. SAKKY is currently involved in a development project, coordinated by the Finnish National Board of Education, to promote the use of ECVET and to enhance the transferability of study programs and learning outcomes.