Erasmus+ mobility at the college on Equality and Diversity. One2one Presentation.

One2One at Hall Green Festival Birmingham with Simon the Robot



On Saturday 12th September 2015 approximately 1500 local residents from Hall Green, Birmingham gathered on Cambrai Gardens outside of SCCB's Hall Green campus to hold a community event and celebrate their local area.  Many shops and small businesses displayed and showed their wares to the public, SCCB took advantage of this opportunity to inform local residents about its activities including the One2One Project X.  The College's mascot 'Simon the  Robot' was pictured with the One2One stand to publicise the opportunities that this unique methodology provides to teachers and learners alike.

College's Student Induction Presentation for 2015/16


More than 15.000 students and 200 teachers will be in contact with the One 2 One project. Students and teachers will visit the website during the induction sessions.

SCCB College Governors Learn About One2One:Project X

From Friday 12th- Saturday 13th June 2015 South and City College Birmingham's Corporation met in Chester to analyse their contribution to the college's strategic development.  Naz Khan and John Hillen took this opportunity to explain to governors the opportunities for future collaboration with other European partner organisations through the One2One: Project X methodology.  Governors were impressed with the project and welcomed the possibility of future collaboration leading to more mobility between teachers and students across the European Union.

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ONE 2 ONE T- Shirt

In SCCB they have also produced some dissemination materials like T-Shirts.

Birmingham Welcomes One2One:Project X Parisienne Student Michael Chavanet

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Students Discussing One2One: Project X (2)

Students Discussing One2One: Project X (1)

SCCB Moodle platform for One2one materials

Dissemination- Moodle Page SCCB


SCCB uses Moodle as a repository for learning materials, this is the type of screen/ image that learners will see when they participate in a One2One: Project X mobility at SCCB.

SCCB Website linked to one2one

In SCCB one2one is part of our website, please find below the link to our site.


Sharing information with students and some staff about One2One

04/12/2014. In the pictures bellow we can find some examples of sharing information with SCCB students and some staff about One2One.