Meram Technical and Vocational High School, built in 1896, is a vocational training public school that gives education to 3000 students in 20 buildings. It has 230 teachers,a manager, 8 assistant managers,15 technicians.It gives education in 11 departments: Wood, Electricity and Electronics, Biomedical Equipment, Metal, Mechanical, Motor Vehicle, Installation and Air Conditioning, Printing, Metallurgical, Plastics Molding and Information Communication Technologies.

The dual system of vocational training is implemented in our school. The students come to school three days a week and go to a company two days for training. They got the skills and competences for making them ready to enter into the labour market. As our school is in relation with companies, we can detect their real needs and apply them in our curriculum and improve the pedagogical methodology. We can develop different projects to make the lessons more effective. The project will help us to encourage the future mobilities.