Mickael Chavanet BTS Trades environmental services

As part of our European Mickael went to South and City College Birmingham (UK) and he implemented  our PX019 "INDUSTRIAL RISKS ASSESSMENT" 

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Lofti BEN MERDES BTS Electrotechnique

Lofti went to Servicepoint a company in Kuopio for a two months mobility under a KA1 programm . He was hosted by project partner Savo consortium for education and he also had the chance to work with Ari Tolvanen.

150626 LIN ben_merdes_from_isaac_newton-87067

Kamel CHOUIKHA BTS Maintenance

Kamel worked two weeks on the thermostat production lines in the company Schneider Electrics in the UK in order to fully take over the operation of machines and processes. Then he will service in first maintenance tasks. His teacher Mr. Villeneuve will evaluate on-site (in the presence of the placement tutor ) for an event counting for the review of BTS. Indeed Kamel for E61b under test should perform during his internship 1st year of monitoring , inspection and / or preventive maintenance

150627 LIN one2one student photo_2_-57a98

Elie MOUFLET BTS Electrotechnique

Eli 2 Eli1

Elie went to Schneider electrics in UK on a mobiliy under the KA1 of Erasmus+ and among other activites he developed the risk analysis ProjectX

Presentation to Lycée Jules Ferry in Versailles

The rectorat de VERSAILLES asked Ms. Evelyne Laroche to go to Lycée Jules Ferry in Versailles on January 29th 2015 to present what we do together within one2one and InnMain after a history of the mobilities .

Evelyne  made a presentation for the particpants and after the workshop they asked the slides to show them in other lycées.

You can see the presentation here

ERAEI-Enseignants Référents pour l'Action Européenne et International

After the 2014 Forum des Métiers, Lycee Isaac Neweton went to a formation for the ERAEI  ( Enseignants Référents pour l'Action Européenne et Internationale) of the académie de Versailles on the 11th of December. The project team represented by Evelyne was there to give testimony about what can be done concerning mobilities. All the assistants were very interested and impressed, even the trainers. 

Forum des Metiers 2014

As in previous years one2one project was present at Forum des Metiers 2014, thanks to Lycée Isaac Newton's. “Forum des Metiers” is an Open Day for Post Baccalaureate students. In this years forum the project team has presented the In this years forum the project team has presented the project supported by the new one2one flyer.

Open Day

Last March the 28th it took place the Lycee yearly Open Day on Saturday. The possibilities of one2one and InnMain were underlined with some practical examples; thanks to InnMain and one2one one of Lycee Isaac Newton Erasmus+ student will do his internship in Kuopio, Finland and another one in Birmingham.

one2one in Lycée Isaac Newton's website

July 10, 2014. Our colleagues of Lycée Isaac Newton disseminate the one2one project through their website.

They present the main objectives of the project and the brief summary generated by ADAM database. In addition, the website contains relevant information about the specific tasks developed.

The website also contains relevant information about the specific tasks developed by the Lycée in the project and presented during the transnational meeting of the project.  The reader can also find a short description of the meetings held so far.

Visit to Lycée Gustave Eiffel

On the 30th of January 2014, Yannick, from Lycée Isaac Newton presented the one2one project to the teachers and students fo the Lycée Gustave Eiffel in Ermont.Teachers and puils from the Lycée Gustave Eiffel attended the event.

Forum des Metiers 2013

Lycée Isaac Newton presented the one2one project during the “Forum des Metiers” held on December 7th, 2013. “Forum des Metiers” is an Open Day for Post Baccalaureate students.

26 colleges were present; they had come from all over France. Students and pupils from the Lycée Isaac Newton as well as parents attended that event.

Visitors and Lycée’s teachers were interested and asked many questions to the project team. They all looked quite interested. Parents pointed out how important it was for this new generation to experience mobilities.