Nr Description
1 Project’s website
2 Quality Management Plan
3 Quaterly Reports (upon request)
4 Interim Report (upon request)
Interim Report – Answer OAPEE (upon request)
5 Final Report (upon request)
6 Research and Analysis Report
7 Booklet: Teaching with ProjetX
8 Catalogue of projectX (upon request)
9 Final Report of the Pilot Test

10 Valorisation Plan
11 Project’s Brochure

Initial brochure

Initial brochure English

Initial brochure Spanish

Initial brochure Finnish

Initial brochure French

Initial brochure Portugues

Initial brochure Romanian

Initial brochure Turkish


Leaflet English

Leaflet Spanish

Leaflet Finnish

Leaflet French

Leaflet German

Leaflet Portuguese

Leaflet Romanian

Leaflet Turkish

Final brochure

Final brochure

12 Newsletters

13 Video Footage of the Project

14 Advertising Materials

15 Monitoring and Evaluation Forms and Methods (template)
16 Periodical monitoring and evaluation reports (upon request)