Meeting with the DG Education in Brussels

The meeting was attended by project partners and responsible people of Vocational Training and Education of the European Commission. After presenting the InnMain network, the one2one project was described by the Project Director.

The participants from the EU Commission said that they had studied the one2one project and they’ve seen that it is very good because we can also combine a stage in a school with experience of internships. This is “a real successful case”.

Ms. Anna Barbieri highlighted the matter that the teachers that can go abroad to teach: this is very interesting and relevant.

We explain that it generates real trust as the ProjectX is perfectly known by the teacher of the sending and hosting schools. Robert explained his experience travelling to Spain in this issue.

We remarked that ProjectX are relevant activities for companies; even more, the ProjectX can be performed in an internship in a company. To this point, Yannick gave a real example (“Risk analysis”) of this situation in his ordinary work. 

Finally, they encourage us to give continuity to those two projects and strengthen the InnMain Network and to participate in the European Alliance for Apprenticeships .

You can read the full report here



Forum with companies involved in dual training system

Fundacion Eifor organised a forum with the companies involved in the dual system of the school. The forum was attended by representatives of more than 30 companies from different industrial sectors like metal working, manufacturing and heating and cooling services among others. In this forum, the director of the school presented the international department and the benefits for students and companies of the implementation of the ProjectX methodology, as it allows to bring real job situation to the classroom. In addition, he presented the opportunities of mobility for teachers, trainers and students that arise from the implementation of the one2one project.


Formula Student sponsors' event

Formula Student is a team of university students that designs and builds a formula car each year. Fundación Eifor helps the student lending our facilities and expertise in welding and machining.

As a sponsor, we had the chance to show what we do in our school and the international outlook of our institution. In particular, we had the chance to display and explain international projects. The sponsors are mainly small and medium companies from the metal sector and we presented the one2one project and their benefits.

The event was also attended by students and their families. They also were informed about the ECVET system and mobility opportunities.

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Aarhus Tech Management Team visited Xabec

One2one is a great, amazing project¡¡¡. The projectX methodology is becoming a useful reality. Last 21st of September 2015 we were pleased to welcomed a delegation from Aarhus Tech, a Danish school with 625 employees and 12.000 students a year. They were impressed with our innovative methodology and were willing to implement it at Aarhus Tech.


Markiezaat College in Holand sent a student to Xabec to develop a ProjectX.

One2one ProjectX is spreading its boundaries out of the project partners. During four months (April to June 2015)  we have been working with a student from Markiezaat College, The Netherlands. This could seem to be the expected result of the project but we should take into account that the project is still not finished and we are already receiving important valorisation outcomes. The sustainability is assured¡¡¡

Visit of Strathmore Trust from Kenya

May 18th-19th 2015. Xabec have had the pleasure of receiving the visit of Mr Andrew Olea part of the executive Board of Strathmore Trust from Kenya. During his two days visit we could explain and show how one2one is working and the great acceptance that we are having.

Several ideas and projects aroused from that visit, to be developed by Xabec and other Xabec´s partner companies.

Handwerkskammer Koblenz Visited Xabec

May 17th 2015 - We could share our school vision, procedures and best practices with the Kraft Chamber from Koblenz Germany. The institution was represented by:

  1. Frank Behring: Pedagogist y Quality Management.
  2. Stefanie Schmitz: Apprentice consultant for the VET Dual System.


South and City College Birmingham

From May 19th until May 29th, 2015 a group of twelve students with two teachers has been developing a ProjectX in Xabec. One2one projectX is demonstrating everytime that it is a great tool for sharing training experiences among teachers and students. The group of students stay at Xabec for three weeks at the end of May.

During the students training they were visited by Juliette Harrison SCCB Director and Dale Woolly Manager for Higher Education provision at SCCB.

Xabec Graduation Ceremony 2015

The director of Xabec Mr. Antonio Mir presented the international department and the ToI projects in which Xabec is involved in the Graduation Ceremony of Xabec, that was held on May 29th 2015.

In his presentation Mr. Mir stressed the importance of the international dimension of the school, and how the one2one project will allow Xabec’s students and teachers to participate in high quality European mobility projects.

Vilnius Vocational Training School.

May 4th 2015. Vilnius Vocational Trainig Scholl of Railway and Business Services visited Xabec to learn about our procedures and activities.

During the morning we have developed a conference about One 2 One, explaining what we do, why and how it works.

Activity carried out by principal Antonio Mir, International department assistant Javier de la Hoz and technician Joaquín Cavestany.

One 2 One project is not only for the students or the teachers who are working for the project. This is for all the students and teachers. It is directly for them. So the projects activities and the results should be told to all the teachers and students.

Two students from SAVO doing ProjectX at Xabec

Between 23/03/2015 and 23/04/2015, two students from Savo in Finland were developing ProjectX at Xabec facilities.

Yalova Provincial Directorate of National Education, Turkey

April 6th 2015, We receive the visit at Xabec of the representatives of Yalova Provincial Directorate of National Education, Turkey. The programme of the visits was focused on: Social entrepreneurship and leadership, examples of practical training. Analyzing the relation between labor force market and education programs and curriculum, methods for recognizing and analyzing regional, national and international needs, best practises.

Valencia Chamber of Commerce

The March the 9th Xabec could present one2one project to Mrs. Isabel Galvis representing Valencia Chamber of Commerce. That visit allowed us to reach a great number of companies, represented by CCV to let them know what is one2one. The representative of the CCV seemed really impressed and interested.

This relationship with companies is of major importance for Xabec as we need to include them in our educational system.

Presentation at Innmain Annual conference 2015.

On March 2015, during the Annual Conference of the InnMain network held in Olbia Italy  the one2one project developments and achievements were spread among all partners 17 institutions from 12 countries.  The presentation was done during the report of the president of InnMain Network.

Mr. Mir presented the aims and main activities that have been carried out until the moment and he listed InnMain partners participating in the project . In addition, the president encouraged all InnMain’s partners to adopt the ProjectX methodology to create projects that can be used on mobility between partner schools.

Visit of Pitesti University

February 2nd & 3rd , 2015. It was a pleasure to receive the visit of the representatives of the University of Pitesti. At Xabec we could work together on ProjectX a great experience¡¡¡. Both School´s teachers could train Xabec´s students. Sharing best practises, enthusiasm and motivation for VET.


GCN 2014 Annual Conference

October 29th 2014. During the annual conference 2014 of the Global College Network Xabec Vocational Training centre presented the result achieved until the moment of the one2one project. Presentation was focused on the methodology developed and the general issues of the ProjectX developed by partners. 


Sharing one2one with schools

July 02, 2014. Three teachers from the School Francisco Franco of Funchal, on the island of Madeira (Portugal), visited Xabec, accompanied by the Director of Vocational Training and with the Erasmus Coordinator of  Juan Comenius school (Valencia).  The visit is part of VETPRO mobility, for which our Portuguese colleagues have known the operation of vocational training in Spain, the Dual system, and the development of several european funded project.

In Xabec the director of the project explained the objectives, results achieved and future impact of the one2one project, and the possibility of joining the network we are creating.

Eastlands College of technology of Kenya

The director of Eastlands College of Technology of Kenya, Mr. Austin Omeno, visited Xabec from the 2nd to the 11th of October 2014.

The Eastlands College of Technology is an innovative centre to reach out to the under-privileged youth and micro entrepreneurs in the Eastlands area of Nairobi. The more innovative aspect is that the technical training will be following the German Dual System of Training.

During his visit, Mr. Omeno had a working session with Xabec’s director about VET European funded projects in which Xabec is involved. Mr. Omeno was very interested in the SAP project to reduce dropouts in his school.

Xabec's Graduation Ceremony 2014

The director of Xabec Mr. Antonio Mir presented the international department and the ToI projects in which Xabec is involved in the Graduation Ceremony of Xabec, that was held on May 29th 2014.

During the Graduation Ceremony of Xabec, the director Mr. Antonio Mir presented the international department and the ToI projects in which Xabec is involved.

In his presentation Mr. Mir stressed the importance of the international dimension of the school, and how the one2one project will allow Xabec’s students and teachers to participate in high quality European mobility projects.

One2one presented to GTI Ireland

On May 15 2014, Xabec presented the one2one project to GTI vocational training centre from Ireland. In the activity participated Ms. Geraldine Gibbons principal of the school and Mr. John mc Loughlin director of Adult education. Xabec presented the aims of the projects, the methodology to work with ProjectX and an example of the Level1 of the ProjectX.

In the activity participated Ms. Geraldine Gibbons principal of the school and Mr. John mc Loughlin director of Adult education.

GTI is interested in the one2one for their students of Computing and Engineering. A more detailed presentation will be done in Valencia next February when partners of the SAP project visit our school.

InnMain Annual Conference 2014

On May 16th 2014 the one2one project was presented to the InnMain network during the President’s Report. He listed the partners of the project, the aims and the main activities that have been carried out until the moment.

In addition, the president encouraged all partners to adopt the ProjectX methodology as a way to facilitate student’s mobility between partner schools

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Dissemination to the teachers

On the 17th of February 2014 all teachers and staff of the training centre receive an internal memorandum from the director, Antonio Mir, explaining the four Transfer of innovation projects Xabec is working on: ToPMoSt, one2one, Jubilee and SAP.

This internal note briefly explains the importance of the innovation projects for our training centre strategy. It is important that teachers and staff belonging to Xabec’s academic community perfectly understand the main objectives of the innovation projects and how they fit into the internationalisation strategy.

Annual Conference of the Global College Network

November 22, 2013. Xabec Vocational Training Center presented November 2013 the one2one project at the Annual Conference of the Global College Network. This network consists of a group of VET centres from different countries around the world that deliver a wide range of qualifications.

The presentation had the ambition to inform the training centres the relevance of developing and sharing ProjectX and how they can join the one2one network by identifying the common topics in the qualification they offer.

By making a joint presentation with other projects they created added value where oen2one was an important part of the total picture. By bringing the Leonardo da Vinci projects ToPMoSt, one2one, Jubilee, and SAP, and the mobility projects the GCN partners understood the synergy of the program.

Visit of the President of the Valencia Region

September 30, 2013. One day before the official beginning of the project, the President of the Valencia Region, Mr. Alberto Fabra and the Regional Ministry of Education Mrs. Ma Jose Catalá visited Xabec Vocational Center for the opening ceremony of the academic year in Vocational Education.